While searching for an African single origin to offer, we came across this peaberry from the Kilimanjaro District of Tanzania. What’s a peaberry? Glad you asked. It’s a mutant! 


This biological mutation causes the coffee cherry to produce only one seed instead of the standard two seeds. Peaberry beans are completely round because of this, and differ from standard beans which have one flat side and one round side. Some people believe this mutation results in a stronger flavor and higher caffeine level, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. Science!


Agricultural biology lessons aside, tasting this coffee’s juicy acidity and fruit-forward complexity brought a smile to our faces. We think you’ll dig it. 


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Region - Kilimanjaro

Altitude - 1350-1750



Mamsera, Mahida, Kirwa Keni Cooperatives



Bourbon, Kent





Harvest Time: 

October - December 2019


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