Oftentimes, a memorable moment for coffee enthusiasts is the first time they try a coffee that has been naturally processed. Without getting too technical, the natural process can bring out wine-like fruit notes in a coffee. The resulting cup often presents a striking difference to the senses from the washed processed coffees that most people are accustomed to drinking. 


This coffee from Uganda is our first single origin offering that has been naturally processed. Grown in the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains, known as the Mountains of the Moon, this coffee was hand picked by the Bukonzo Farmers Group in the Kasese District and processed by Kyagalanyi Coffee, Ltd. at the Kisinga Washing Station. Since 2015, this washing station has helped support farmers so they can reach their full potential with yields, profits, and living conditions. 


An adventurous coffee, Uganda Rwenzori is deep and juicy with a round body. 

We’re loving it brewed as Chemex, iced coffee, and Aeropress.


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Region - Rwenzori

Altitude - 2100



Various Smallholders, Kisinga Washing Station



SL14, SL28





Harvest Time: 

September - December 2020


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