The rich, volcanic soil of the Jinotega region of Nicaragua has produced an exceptional coffee for us to enjoy. This Strictly High Grown, washed coffee is from the producers at Hacienda La Bastilla, a Rainforest Alliance certified farm. The farm employs 50 permanent employees and 500 seasonal workers who strive for excellent coffee quality. Additionally, the farm creates sustainable opportunities through education at the La Bastilla Agricultural Boarding School. 


Taking advantage of the unique topography, micro-farms have been created throughout the estate to allow various coffees to express themselves fully in the micro-climates. The micro-farms are then divided into lots and the lots into micro-lots, creating around 150 distinct growing areas.


In the cup, this coffee is full bodied, and showcases a rounded, delicate complexity. We’re loving it brewed as espresso, Kalita, and Aeropress.


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Region - Jinotega

Altitude - 1300-1500



Hacienda La Bastilla



Caturra, Red & Yellow Catuai, Parainema, Java, SL28, Geisha





Harvest Time: 

December - March


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Nicaragua La Bastilla