Decaf is often viewed as caffeinated coffee’s inferior relative. A consolation prize for those with health considerations. Our Decaf Valle del Cauca is here to flip those perceptions. 


The coffee begins as a cared for group of crops in a conservation corridor in Colombia. After picking and initial processing, it undergoes a Colombia innovation, Sugarcane Decaffeination. Molasses is fermented to produce ethanol. The ethanol is mixed with acetic acid, or vinegar, to produce ethyl acetate, which is used to submerge the coffee beans and extract the caffeine. After the caffeine is removed, the beans are rinsed and dried to a moisture content similar to caffeinated coffee so it can then be roasted by us. 


The Sugarcane Process not only removes about 97% of the caffeine content, it enhances the sweetness already present in the coffee beans. This results in a fantastically delicious cup that doesn’t require caffeine management.


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Region - Valle del Cauca

Altitude - 1750



Various Smallholders averaging 3 hectares



Castillo, Caturra



Sugarcane Decaf


Harvest Time:

September - December '20


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