You've tried our Colombia Huila Washed, now we are excited to bring you Colombia Huila Natural! More information below about this coffee exported by Finca El Corozal to our supplier, The Coffee Quest.


Finca El Corozal is owned by 7 brothers, but Delfin Carvajal, who is also the leader of "Asociación Paraíso Coffee" is the face of the family. His brother Euclides lives at the farm and is responsible for the great natural they started producing last year. 


Coffee production is not new for this family and they are now 4th generation producers with knowledge being transferred down over the years. But, they don’t just produce coffee the way their great great grandparents did it; they know how to modernize and keep up with the times. Therefore, they decided last year to start experimenting with natural processed coffees, something still not very common in Colombia.


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Region - Huila 

Altitude - 1500-1650



Finca El Corozal



Colombia, Caturra and Castillo




Colombia Huila Natural