Seeking a new coffee to add to our lineup, and specifically looking for a coffee that would compliment the Spring / Summer seasons, we found these delicious seeds from Colombia. Grown in the Huila region of Colombia by members of the Coogracol Co-op, this washed coffee was fermented in tanks between 30-40 hours and then sundried by Agroeco in Santa Marta, Magdalena. It was then exported by Lohas Beans to our supplier, Genuine Origin. These seeds have been on a journey to get to you!


This outstanding coffee has a wonderful complexity. It is fruity on the nose - sweet, acidic, and perfectly juicy in the cup. Its syrupy body is lovely across many brew methods. We’re especially digging it as espresso, iced coffee, and Kalita. 


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Region - Huila 

Altitude - 1500-1800



Lohas Beans, Coogracol, Agroeco Mill



Caturra, Bourbon, Colombia, Tabi, F8, Castillo





Harvest Time: 

May - August 2020


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Colombia Huila Washed