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Next time you want to compare brew methods, origins, roasters, or really any coffee attribute, use this tool to achieve your next perfect cup! 


When we set out to roast our own coffee, there were many things we wanted to accomplish. High on that list was keeping organized, comprehensive data. While measuring temperature and time are relatively easy to do and to document, measuring sensory data is a bit more challenging. Enter the Three Brothers Coffee Evaluation Index!


This index, compiled from some of our favorite resources, takes subjective sensory attributes such as sweetness, acidity, and body, and allows for objective measurement using numerical values. It also limits subjective descriptors to a specific glossary so that those who are discussing the coffee will be using the same vocabulary. 


Often, flavor notes are used to describe a coffee (ie. strawberry, chocolate, jasmine), which

is a great practice, but can also influence decisions. We use this index to ensure that we are calibrated, tasting and measuring our coffees impartially based on attributes vs. flavors.

We find flavor notes all the time, and we want you to find your own notes by using this index instead of having us spell them out for you. 


Trust your palate and find the flavors!

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